Going Big

Sometimes, when you feel like your stuck in a Groundhog’s Day, you have to do something big to break yourself out of the situation.  Taking a week’s vacation, volunteering at a homeless shelter or sucking down a forty after work can help alleviate the soul-crushing numbness for a brief period of time but when you come back and face reality all over again, the darkness just pulls you that much further in.

That’s why sometimes you have to go big.  A few years ago I got myself stuck in one of these cycles.  I didn’t like the town where I was living, I wasn’t a big fan of the girl I was dating and I couldn’t stand the job I went to everyday.  I tried the vacation route and it helped for the time I was gone but I realized that if I didn’t want to accept this fate, it was time to do something serious.

So, I joined the Peace Corps.  Leaving your job and going to Africa for a couple years, I felt that counted as going big.

But going big can mean different things to different people.  Quitting a job you hate and sending out a ridiculous cover letter to get that new job that you do want, that’s going big.  Moving overseas on the half-promise of a job, that’s going big.  And if you’re a baseball fan, daring a lifetime ban from the park of the team you support, that’s going big.  You know what’s even better than that, though?  Succeeding.

Happy Saturday!



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