All That Glitters Ain’t Always Gold

Outside those of the Yankees and Cardinals, I have to say the Los Angeles Dodgers uniform is one of the smartest, snazziest and most iconic uniforms in all of baseball history.  Admiring that crisply clean white jersey hosting an artfully playful blue cursive script and resplendent red digits, it’s hard not to fall in love with its glamor.  Throw in the Hollywood factor and it just becomes that much more impressive.

But if we’ve learned anything about the Dodgers in the last year, it’s that looks can be deceiving.  The team is in dire financial straits, they’re not playing very well, and to make things worse: they owe Hall of Fame fraud Manny Ramirez over $8 million.

Um… awkward?

Meanwhile… tall, lean and handsomely square-jawed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney looks… great.  I mean, dude is Ronnie Reagan 2.0 with more money and better ideas.  In fact, if Republicans didn’t know any better, they might think Mitt leans a bit to the left.  His liberal domestic policies and urgency to end U.S. participation in the Afghan war against the Taliban are perfect examples.

However, like the L.A. Dodgers, when we actually pull back the curtain on the swaggering Republican politico, we find something a bit… um… awkward:

Hate me, hate me, hate me all day… just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.





  1. Rays Renegade

    Mitt was actually at a game during the recent Red Sox/Rays series this week. Still think he was here on a fact finding after hours mission for the GOP who will be hosting their festivities in Tampa in 2012 just about 2 miles from the Jeter compound. No info if he made a trek to the World famous Mons Venus, or took a spin in the spaceship at 2001.
    Still, Florida has always been a GOP state, but with the influx of transient voters/baseball fans keeping the waters muddled… never know anymore.
    I am also partial to the Cards and Dodgers uniforms as being the class of the league. Pinstripes only look good on Soprano cast members and La Costa Nostra type wise guys.
    But then again, I live in the South and we have always been cautious of those Yankee types (Sorry Jane).

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