Not All Athletes Are Created Equally

The NBA Draft was held Thursday night, and in contrast to years previous, this one seemed to be less about an influx of young players and more about the Shaq sextape sized elephant in the room.  Because by now, I think we all know that a lockout is coming, the next season might never be, and hearts will definitely be broken.

And the sadness doesn’t stop there.  Think about the players who will suddenly be without work, with no pay.  Will they be forced to drive Kias instead of Bentleys?  Forced to drink Red Label instead of Blue?  Have sex with their wives rather than the band of groupies hanging outside the team bus?

If you think professional basketball players will be able to just find work elsewhere, like the rest of us Joe Six-Packs would be forced to do, you might want to rethink the way the world works.  Here, let Washington Wizards point guard, John Wall, prove my point:

The truth is, ya get these guys off the court and… well, things can get ugly.

Here’s hoping the NBA learns some valuable lessons from its MLB brethren, before it’s too late.

Happy Friday!



  1. Jonestein

    Bullets. They’re the Washington Bullets. We of the Intertubes, Bullets fans or no, must fight the continuing spread of the horrific “Wizards” meme, no matter how long it takes.


  2. Michael David

    I’m not really concerned about the NBA, a lockout, or strike, or whatever, and I don’t feel bad at all if they don’t get their money. At least there will be hockey in the winter months.
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

  3. This is a very simple game...

    If they don’t learn from MLB’s mistakes, maybe they could set up kiosks where basketball players offer their services as unskilled day laborers for people who need trees trimmed, or tall things removed from shelves, or entire sororities entertained with a single bound…
    — Kristen

  4. Red State Blue State

    Blue Jays Nest — I bet you are! Clemens too!
    Jonestein — Bullets. Yes. I remember them. They were thought to be too violent I recall. Bad@$$ unis too.
    Mike — I guess the NBA has become for me what NHL is for you. I can’t follow hockey. My brain can only handle so much at once.
    Kristen — Now THIS is a good idea!
    Mark — Canadian baseball players are rare… would take a lot for that kid to outshine Steve Nash.
    Prince — No doubt. I will always remember him for boxing with D. Lee though. Maybe boxing would work for him.
    Jenn — At least Mariah Carey showed some leg 😉

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