The Sometimes Entertaining and Oft Frightening Michele Bachmann

A week ago Tuesday brought us two great performances in revisionist history.  The first one took place in Detroit where a blown and then reversed call at first base led to Jim Leyland’s Oscar short-listed performance.  If you haven’t already seen the video, do yourself a favor and click through.  The best replay comes around the 2:45 mark.

Meanwhile, a Republican presidential candidate once again showed their tenuous grip on reality and US history, leading their supporters to once again attempt to change Wikipedia.  This has proven to be an effective strategy in the past, especially since we know that everything written on the internet is true.  Only this time around, it wasn’t Sarah Palin.  Instead, Michelle Bachmann’s supporters tried to spread the wealth around a little on the heels of her John Quincy Adams gaffe.

The most disturbing aspect of these two stories is that Leyland and the umps aspires to entertain.  But we should expect more than entertainment from our politicians.  Bachmann has aspirations to the presidency.  I understand that politicians prevaricate and refuse to answer the questions they are posed but refusing to admit that you’re wrong about a fact that you maintain as the bedrock of your campaign is not even entertaining.  It’s just scary.




  1. Michael David

    What bothers me about the call in the Tigers game is: if they could reverse that call, why not the one in Gallaraga’s perfect game last season?
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

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