The Filibuster

Since it’s the start of the All-Star break, who’s your All-Star so far this season?

Cicero, IL

First of all, major cap tip to ultimate All-Star, The Captain, Derek Jeter, a man who has been giving me goosebumps for 17 years and counting.  Dude is a paragon of class, someone who always goes hard and who seems to have a natural knack for the dramatic.

Jeter is one of those duh, no kidding he’s an All-Star sorta guys, the Pete Rose type, the kind of player you always expect to be an All-Star ‘cuz that’ s how he carries himself, on and off the field.  But there’s another type of All-Star, the kind who generally isn’t included in the actual All-Star Game… they are the grinders, the 110% effort guys, the ones who find clean uniforms shameful.

When I was playing legion and high school ball, I was never the best on the team.  I was short.  I was skinny.  I pretty much had zero tools… but I always went hard.  Bruises, cuts, scrapes… I was tattooed with them.  One day, after a particularly poor team performance, Coach said we needed to give more effort, to go harder.  He said, “Lung has more energy in his pinky finger than the rest of you do as a team.”

I never forgot that.  And even though I didn’t have the talent to be a starter, or to be successful at baseball at all, I did learn to walk pretty tall after that because everyone knew I gave it everything I had on every play.

Nyjer Morgan does that today.

Shocking, yes, I know, that I would praise the talents of a misfit who plays for a rival team.  But have you ever watched Nyjer Morgan play baseball?  That dude is fired up!  And he plays helluh-hard!  There is no let-up in his game and above all the homeruns, the no-hitters, the miraculous defensive plays in the field, I would rather watch nine Nyjer Morgans play against nine Nyjer Morgans than any of the aforementioned spectacles.

He may be odd, he may be hot headed and he may be just a few clicks shy of stupid, but Nyjer Morgan loves baseball like I love baseball, and he plays it in such a way that I can’t ever take my eyes off him.

He’s my undisputed off-the-radar All-Star.

Hate me, it’s cool… just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



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  1. mlblogsbluejaysnest

    There was a time this off-season when it looked like Nyjer Morgan wouldn’t be playing anywhere. I actually had no idea he was playing as well as he was until you mentioned him. It’s a shame he has such talent but no class to go with it (kind of the anti-Derek Jeter)

  2. Rays Renegade

    Nyger is a firm example of the guy getting out of a town then turning not only himself around, but helping a team transform as well. Have not heard any rants, raves or outspoken Nyger moments on the field or in the public eye.
    Guy always had the talent, ability and drive, finally he is not letting himself get in the way of a possible post season celebration.
    Sorry if I do not drink from the well of Jeter juice, but his 3,000th hit was just the type of event that solidifies his MLB stature. Even Wade Boggs, the last guy to homer on his 3,000th hit tipped his cap and fine head of hair (thanks Bosley) to D J.

  3. macbeth11

    You’re right. Those are the guys who should be at the Game. He works hard, plays hard and in the end someone can have all the numbers in the world but it doesn’t mean anything unless they help the team.
    —Mark Gauthier

  4. This is a very simple game...

    I can get behind the Nyger Morgan choice. I’m glad to see that even though, he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer he’s figured out that on the Brewers he has a 2nd chance to let his game shine through the kind of BS he got up to with the Nats and he’s seized it with both hands.
    — Kristen

  5. Red State Blue State

    Bluejaysnest — That’s a good way of putting it. I agree. Still, I love his effort.
    Virginia — That would be a great race! We should lobby for that to happen 😉
    RR — I think the Brewers have allowed him to do his thing (to a degree) which helps.
    Mark — Could you imagine two sides of all-out grinders!??! It would never happen.
    Kristen — Yeah. That being said, he’s still always a milisecond away from doing something completely stupid. It’s a fine line… but an entertaining one nonetheless!

  6. Jane Heller

    I’m not familiar with Morgan but Jeter sure gets my vote. Too bad he can’t play this year. I like the all-out grinders too, which is why I’m glad that pitcher Dave Robertson of the Yankees made the team. He’s been the 8th inning guy and done an exceptional job – plus raised money for the tornado victims in his hometown of Tuscaloosa, AL.

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