Tax-Payer Patriot

As the summer of Republican discontent continues, certain words have become absolutely taboo.  “Public” implies government funded so is no longer acceptable.  Same goes for actually using the words, “Government funded.”  “Aid” and “assistance” are codewords for sucking at the government teat and god help the person who mentions “welfare.”  In fact, if you want to watch a Tea Partier foam at the mouth, figure out a way to combine all of those words into one sentence and then step back.  If you didn’t know any better, you’d think they were sucking on an Alka-Seltzer.

This would all be laughable if it wasn’t for the fact that half of the people decrying this “waste” of taxpayer money actually benefit from it as well.  The state of Alaska gives all of its residents a yearly payout from the Alaska Permanent Fund so that means Sarah Palin gets a government handout every year.  Michele Bachmann’s husband benefits from farm subsidies and I’m pretty sure Mitt Romney owns a home and has a mortgage on which he deducts the interest for tax purposes.

So maybe it’s time we started pointing out the painful truth.  Taxes pay for our military.  Taxes pay for firefighters and police officers.  Taxes paid for the interstate highway system and taxes help build hospitals and schools. Sure, we could take a different route and privatize everything but have you dealt with a privatized police force before?  Elsewhere in the world they usually go by the name “militia” or “warlord.”

However, if your dream is still to see a fully privatized, libertarian paradise at work, you can head there today:

Something tells me that even the most rabid anti-tax American would prefer to continue grudgingly pay their taxes than move to this land of libertarian luxury.




  1. Emma

    What about the the words debts, deficit, in the red? Reminds me that tonight the President speaks to the masses.
    Two days without baseball is too much. I was getting withdrawls last night so I watched a game I had taped with Weaver & Kershaw when I was in Minnesota.

  2. This is a very simple game...

    *snerk* Well said. And don’t forget those darned public schools. Creeping socialism, that.
    On a baseball note, did you know that McCarthy era concerns over “creeping socialism” killed the plans for a rent controlled, mixed business and residential use community in a little part of L.A. known as Chavez Ravine after the original homes had already been razed for development? Yep. The land lay vacant for a decade after that allowing O’Malley to purchase it for a really great price and we now know it as Dodger Stadium. This edition of today’s semi-relevent fun facts, brought to you by the letter K.
    — Kristen

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