Mr. Krause’s Rejoice!

All it took was a new NFL collective bargaining agreement to make my globetrotting and oft voguish colleague, Mr. Allen Krause (9 year-old version pictured above), rejoice like he was at a Justin Bieber concert.  Now that we know there will be football, Mr. Krause can use his soon-to-be Detroit Tigers disappointment as a perfect segue into yet another Detroit Lions season of disappointment.

The world will be good.

Still, I have a hard time congratulating a group of unionized millionaires on doing what they should have done to begin with.  I know the owners were skimming and scheming, but these things need to be addressed and taken care of PRIOR to a lockout, PRIOR to pissing off a Joe Six-Pack fan base, PRIOR to holding my sports news hostage.


Look, I nearly died in ’94.  I was crushed like a man forced to watch his lover in bed with another man.  I went so far as to QUIT baseball for the entire 1995 season.  If it weren’t for an Albert Belle sized tub of syringes and a jheri curl renaissance, I might still be hootin’ and hollerin’ over the CICL.

But, as is usually the case, no one cares how we, the fans, feel.  As long as we keep schleppin’ out the dough, sports franchises and the athletes who make them will continue to spit on us.  Because they can.

And, I can attest, a certain Mr. Krause would be the very first in line with a pocketfull of benjamins for some Matt Stafford lugeys.

Hate me.  It’s cool.  Just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




  1. This is a very simple game...

    I’m glad the NFL will have a season, but they’re morons to have let it get this far after MLB’s bad example. 1994 was brutal and your analogy is apt. My freshmen orientation at Oxy started two weeks after the strike began, giving me one heck of an initial distraction. But by the time the 1995 season started I was so resentful that between the strike and the pay no attention to the roids behind the curtain stupidity that followed, I stayed away from the game for the better part of a decade.
    — Kristen

  2. Michael David

    Like a lot of fans, the 1994 strike simply ticked me off, and turned me off. The home run race got me interested again, but the it took the Minor Leagues to revive my love for the sport. The MiLB landscape was just starting to shape up here in Michigan at that time. Don’t diss the CICL, though! I’m happy for the NFL fans, but I probably wouldn’t miss it too much.
    ‘Minoring In Baseball’

  3. Red State Blue State

    Kristen — I guess you don’t have the same affinity for jheri curls that I do. LOL 😉
    Mike — I LOVED the CICL. They changed their name though and I haven’t followed it for about 10 years. Whoops!
    Blue Jays Nest — Toronto is working on stealing the Bills… so I hear.

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