A Brief Pause for Insanity

If CNN’s Alex Castellanos hadn’t compared Michele Bachmann to Margaret Thatcher on CNN the other day, I wouldn’t have said anything because the crazies, the Brits and the delusionoids have been saying as much for a while now.  But when something that maniacal is aired to millions of susceptible US Americans, I can’t help but holla some common sense back into the universe.


Comparing Bachmann to Thatcher is like comparing Wilson Betemit to Babe Ruth!  Seriously!  The only thing Michele Bachmann and Margaret Thatcher have in common is that they both have vaginas!

Bachmann is STUPID.

Bachmann is DELUSIONAL.

Bachmann is a HOMOPHOBE.

She is a clear and present danger to liberty and to even mention her name in the same conversation as Margaret Thatcher’s (did you know she was a chemist by trade?) should be a crime.

And I just couldn’t hold that in, so I didn’t.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.





  1. Jane Heller

    Did you see any of the debate in Iowa last night? Michele must have been getting some coaching in the ladies room because she didn’t come back to the stage right away. Funny/awkward moment. Speaking of Thatcher, can’t wait till the movie comes out with Meryl Streep playing her.

  2. Bryan Scrafford

    As someone who has worked as a community organizer and political blogger for years before adding my baseball blogging to the mix, I can tell you that Bachmann is unlikely to win the nomination. She’ll probably do extremely well in the Iowa straw poll coming up and might even perform well in the Iowa caucus early next year, but I doubt she’ll actually make any run beyond that.

    Take a look at Mike Hucabee as a prime example. He did extremely well in Iowa in 2008, but couldn’t get things going beyond that. The very conservative base in Iowa likes the right wing candidates, but they just don’t last….usually.

    I think Rick Perry is who we really have to look out for. He’s very conservative and could quickly gain the support of Bachmann’s supporters, but he also somehow is able to make himself look like a moderate to people who don’t know him well. It’s that ability to promote an extreme right wing agenda while looking moderate that could do us in.

  3. Connie

    I hope you’re right about Bachman, too, Bryan. I’m praying you’re right. But she’s not the only Christian conservative I’m concerned about. They all scare me.


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