RSBS Presents: The Best

Superlatives get thrown around a lot, especially as eras in our lives come to a close.  Most likely to succeed.  Most likely to get married.  Most likely to find themselves face down in a ditch being sodomized by a goat.  Superlatives have become blase and almost have no meaning anymore.

That’s why I enter into this post with a little trepidation.  The Best.  That means nothing could be better and that’s a pretty bold claim.  Muhammad Ali made a case for his being the best going so far as to assert that he was the greatest.  LL Cool J took it a step further and declared himself the greatest of all time.  Over here at RSBS, though, we don’t go in for the histrionics.  We don’t need to add modifiers or walk back our claims.  We simply present it and let you know; this is the best.

Best Head First Slide

Sure, you might have guessed this could only be the iconic photo of Pete Rose.  But, you’d be wrong.  The internets don’t lie so just read the title and accept what happens as the truth.

Best Roommate Ever

I haven’t seen the guy.  I don’t need to see the guy.  He is to roommates what Michael Jordan was to basketball.  He is the: Best. Roommate. Ever.

Best Marriage Proposal

I may be biased and I may also be a little jealous but this guy gets it done the way only a Michigander can.

There you go.  The best.  You’re welcome.  Happy Friday.




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