The Filibuster

Both the Phillies and the Yankees went down in the first round.  If you had to blame it on one player from each team and then have those two fight it out in the Thunderdome, which two men enter and which one leaves?

St. Ignace, MI

Ah-ha!  I see what you did there, Devin.  Now do I really look like someone who would throw a guy under the bus and blame him for his entire team’s defeat?

Don’t answer that.

Yes, the Yanks and Phils missed the LCS boats this year.  And yes, they each featured some disappointing performances; but in both cases, the epic failage cannot be pinned to just one guy.  The Yankees went in with questionable starting pitching and the Phillies entered as the feast or famine team, the results of which were both early exits.  To pin the burden of failure on just one person isn’t fair and it isn’t right.

But Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Howard do make beautiful scapegoats.

Meanwhile, you want me to throw these two guys into a Thunderdome and see who comes out alive.  HA!  Can you imagine the inherent lameocity of a fight between a pinstriped cover-mag diva and a silent slugger who tore his Achilles on his way to being the final out of the NLDS?  Puhhhhhhh-lease.

Baseball hasn’t been able to produce a good basebrawl since 1993’s Ventura v. Ryan main event and even THAT was a lopsided affair.  Yes, we have been teased over the years.  Morgan v. Volstad had potential.  So did Lee v. Young.  And even more recently, Gregg v. Ortiz.

But the one thing those latter three matchups all have in common is that, ultimately, THEY WERE LAME.  And when it’s been nothing but Lame City in reality, it’s really hard for me to imagine an A-Rod v. Ryan scenario that would not be equally as lame.

Enter YouTube.

And make sure you stick around to the end to see Mickey Hatcher walk off the field with a bloodied face.  Now THAT’S some Thunderdome s**t.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




  1. mlblogsbluejaysnest

    While A-riod was hardly the only Yankee to struggle and he was injured most the year, I love blaming him for New York’s down fall because I hate him so much. As for Howard, I wonder if his ankle was sore before it snapped on his final at bat?

    In any event, as you said, both A-rod and Howard are lame ducks right now, so it’d be a pretty pathetic fight.

  2. This is a very simple game...

    Congrats Jeff! And best wishes to your Cardinals in the Series!!

    Eh, I’m tired of hearing about why the Phillies and Yankees supposedly “tanked.” There were some missed opportunities to be sure, but I really think that in both these cases the end result was more about what the winning team did right than what the losing team did wrong. Both were close, exciting match-ups.
    — Kristen

  3. Randy Stern

    Noticed in the video that (a) Ozzie Guillen bouncing around trying to get into the fight and (b) Ventura bounced out of the fight still scowling like Billy Idol. Now, if I were a Southsider, I’d mark the dates for the White Sox-Rangers series and replay this video on the U.S. Cellular Field’s video screen. Except, Ventura would have to find Mr. Ryan – if the Rangers’ President even comes to Chicago.

    Oh, and Jeff, congrats, pal! You got a World Series ticket to ride! Me? I’m working through a soccer finals match at some tech center for 12 hours. Have fun, buddy!

    – Randy

  4. Red State Blue State

    Blue Jays Nest — Neither one seem like fighters to me. In fact, they both seem kinda wimpy off the field.
    Kristen — Thanks! I can hardly wait!
    Randy — I got TWO WS tickets to ride… Game One and Game Two! More to come!

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