Things I’m Doing While Waiting for Game Three

1.  Remembering that no one gave us a chance in 2006 either

2.  Sending a boatload of chicken, beer and video games to the Rangers’ clubhouse

3.  Whisky

4.  Encouraging Wash to use Ogando against Craig, again and forever

5.  Trying to find a reason to hate the Rangers (it’s hard!)

6.  Beer

7.  Watching — over and over and over again — Waino’s snappy curve to strikeout Inge in ’06

8.  Driving by Wrigley Field, reminding myself that LIFE COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE

9.  Organizing a harem of hotties to stand outside of Josh Hamilton’s house with an 8-ball and body shots

10.  Whisky and beer

Happy Saturday, Y’all!



  1. This is a very simple game...

    Seriously laughing out loud over this list, #2 and 9 especially. Me, not being as invested as you, I’m spending the day wine tasting. Festival weekend are awesome! Bacon and wine pairings this morning (even better than it sounds), BBQ and wine at the baseball winery for lunch and so on. Now if the Angels were in the series, I’d be back in L.A. biting my nails and drinking wine. Not as good a pairing, LOL, but it would have been more fun from a baseball standpoint.
    — Kristen

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