How to Fix the Dodgers

All-around baseball good guy Joe Torre is stepping down from his MLB front office position to pursue his interest in purchasing the Los Angeles Dodgers.  While this is bad news (I think) for those of us who hoped he might take over for King Bud once the reign of terror is over at the end of the year, I have to think that a group headed by Torre is probably a great way to save this storied franchise.

Of course, there are alternatives.  And yep, you guessed it.  The RSBS interns are ready to report:

1.  Go back in time, don’t trade Kevin Brown and instead have him break Frank McCourt’s hand so it won’t wander onto a woman who isn’t his wife.

2.  Stop making it mandatory that Alyssa Milano wear clothes to the ballpark.  (Holy Jackie Robinson, I’ve been in love with Alyssa for 20 years now; she just gets better looking!!!)

3.  Trade Al-Farouq Aminu, Eric Gordon and Chris Kaman for superstar Chris Paul.  Oh.  Wait.

4.  Get a mascot!  I know just the one!

Or… if none of the above works…

How about signing Prince Fielder?  Seriously.  Make him some crazy offer like $30 million a year for 6 years or something.  Wouldn’t that make the Dodgers a nice, EXPENSIVE and attractive purchase?  And besides, it’s L.A.  Just use somebody else’s money.

Hate me.  FINE.  Just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




  1. This is a very simple game...

    Poor Alyssa. Do you have any ides how chilly it gets at Dodger stadium in the evenings?…oh…never mind…I see the master plan here. Uh, carry on. But in all seriousness, I wish they would let the Dodgers make a real bid for Prince Fielder…and not just because it would keep him out of Texas, though that would be a perk.
    — Kristen

  2. Red State Blue State

    Blue Jays Nest — LOL! Now that would be interesting! True story about recylcing old plots though. I’m over it, personally.
    Kristen — I could keep Alyssa warm! No prob! And I know you won’t like this but I secretly hope the Rangers do grab Prince, just so the AL West is the division to watch next year.

    • This is a very simple game...

      Eh, I don’t hate it Jeff. If the Rangers do land both Fielder too, it will make the AL West even more exciting and that is the attitude I will adopt, much like I did when they won negoitation rights with Darvish. But until then, well, as an Angels fan of course I wish all the good players would land just about anywhere else. Their lineup is scary enough already.
      — Kristen

  3. cordaro9418

    While the market for the Blue is beginning to look like some super-elite eBay in waiting… I think it will narrow down fairly quick. When the Red Sox went up for sale, it ‘looked’ quite the same, a lot of different individuals with backers or partners or groups… local and otherwise. Then Bud Selig took who he decided were the best candidates and matched them up, forming basically a super-group, and greenlighting their bid, a bid which was not the highest. Selig and MLB overall made a massive mistake in Frank McCourt and I’ve asked before in these pages, why? McCourt, a Boston businessman, was not allowed serious consideration for the Sox, but was a quick fix for the Blue..? Hmph.

    I see Torre, a masterful baseball personality, perhaps being paired with elements of the Hershiser/Garvey group to put a best baseball foot forward. For my money, Mark Cuban needs serious consideration. He’s a cocky owner, sure.. but he’s designed for a big market team for big market money. He’d restore the crown jewel of the National League West to glory.

  4. Red State Blue State

    Kristen — IMO it’s already gonna be the division to watch. The more drama, the better!
    Cordaro9418 — Thanks for the thoughtful comment! You make a sound point. I think Cuban would be fantastic for baseball. He got shut out of the Cubs opportunity, but maybe the owners can get over themselves so he can revitalize one of the most storied franchises in all of sports.

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