Yoga: An Explanation

Once the baseball season starts back up, you can be sure that the first few weeks we’ll hear all about the “off-season regimen” that certain players undertook.  I’m sure the announcers will talk about the shortstop who lifted weights to improve his strength and the right-fielder who did ballet to improve his footwork.  If we’re really lucky, there could even be a story about Pujols doing Pilates which might make Jeff feel better about his departure from St. Louis.

The stories I like the most, though, are about the guys who do yoga.  Personally, I’m a big believer in yoga.  The breathing and stretching clean out the cobwebs and get the blood flowing.  For those with back problems, it can do wonders.  But despite all those obvious benefits, yoga looks kind of silly.  And really, after a season of form fitting stirrup pants, who wants to then imagine Ryan Howard or Prince Fielder in yoga pants?

However, I think we may have missed the real reason for offseason yoga:


Yep, yoga.  I get it now.




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