Big Trouble In Little Bridgeport

Without question, the blockbuster Prince Fielder-Detroit Tigers signing shock-and-awed the baseball universe.  But for those who huddle en masse around 35th and Shields, still hanging on to what little hope may have remained for the critically criticized 2012 White Sox club, such news only served as confirmation for a long, slow, painful baseball season death.

Will this Irish keening ever stop?!?!  A man needs his sleep!!!

Unfortunately, with the likes of Jake Peavy ($17 million), Alex Rios ($12+ million/year through 2014) and Adam Dunn ($14+ million/year through 2014) holding the team hostage with their collective astronomically unbalanced compensation-to-performance ratios, it appears the situation in Bridgeport is only going to get worse before it gets better.

Which forces the question: what is the shelf life on a Gordon Beckham?  Once the “untouchable dealbreaker” in any high profile trade, it seems like the former first round draft pick is doing his very best Brandon Wood impression.  In fact, there were times last season where Beckham looked as clueless on the diamond as Rick Santorum would at a gay foam party on the beach.

Sox fans can only take so much of “I’m going to work on some things and get better” before they realize YOU’RE LYING.  YOU’RE NOT VERY GOOD.  STOP TALKING.

In fact, the dour mood of the White Sox organization might benefit from a colossal dose of shut-the-hell-up.  People are tired of hearing Jake Peavy say… anything.  People are tired of the excuses for why Gordon Beckham just isn’t that good.  People are tired.  Period.

Unfortunately, it looks like that “tired” is going to morph into a bonafide coma, at least through 2014.

Hate me.  Go ahead.  Just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




  1. Michael David

    I felt the same way last season, Jeff, when the Sox signed Dunn. I thought Chicago would run away with the Central, but you just never know. Cleveland came out of nowhere last season and played well, too, but that’s why they play the game. I hope the Fielder thing works out for the Tigers, but you just never know.

  2. toosoxy

    I have a soft spot for the White Sox. Lived in Charlotte a few years back and their triple A- the Knights- were my only source of live baseball. I remember when Peavy pitched!
    This is just a crappy offseason for all. You know. Except the Tigers. And the Marlins. Um. And… hmmm… maybe it’s just a crappy offseason if you like the Sox. Apparently either color…

  3. Red State Blue State

    Mike — Yeah, let’s hope an 0-8 start isn’t in the cards this time 😉
    Toosoxy — Somehow I still think your Sox are on the brighter side of life right now. You don’t wanna know the pain the White Sox are in for.

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