RSBS Turns Four!

Four years ago today, I wrote the first post in RSBS history.  It was terrifyingly awful.  What terrifies me even more is that at that time in 2008, I had incredibly high hopes for the Tigers’ upcoming season based on some high-profile acquisitions they had made.  Four years later, I’m still haunted by that 2008 season and experiencing no small amount of deja vu (all over again).

If there’s one thing that gives me hope, though, it’s the fact that sometimes triumph is born from the ashes of despair and failure.  That first post was awful but the throw-away line at the end ended up becoming Mr. Lung’s regular sign-off.  And even though Dontrelle Willis didn’t work out for the Tigers, Miguel Cabrera has been a godsend.  Paired with Prince Fielder, I can’t say as though there has been a more feared power duo in the AL since the days of the Bash Brothers.

Sometimes you have to let go of the past and just realize that it’s over.  So, with that in mind, happy fourth birthday Mr. Lung.  And a special thank you from both of us to the interns for their years of unpaid but essential work.  But most of all, thank you to our loyal readers who keep coming back, in spite of RSBS‘ inauspicious beginnings.  Hopefully in 366 days we’ll be blowing out another candle together.




  1. This is a very simple game...

    Too funny! I wouldn’t call the first posts terrifyingly awful. Let’s call them rookie efforts (with promise) compared to the seasoned pros you two have become. Thanks for four years of high entertainment! Hopefully we can count on you all to ‘sign’ an absurdly lengthy contract – they are all the rage these days, after all – and keep us in thoughtful stitches for many more seasons to come.
    — Kristen

  2. Emma

    Oh! I forgot that we share an anniversary! It is my 3rd birthday today! Happy Birthday guys! I have not been around as often but I plan on gettin back swinging. Saturday I played in a Dodger Blogs softball tournament that has me still sore. Played in three games sharing the catching. It was so much fun and Thursday I am going to see the hockey game (Kings). It is Dodger Pride night so you know I am going to be there!

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