Stop It, Chicago Cubs, Just Stop It

*Dear readers, pardon me while I step away from being an unbiased observer and put on my wrathful fanboy hat*

Stop it, Chicago Cubs.  Just stop it.

You are a 6-win team thus far, and while yes, your last two wins (unfortunately, against my World Champion St. Louis Cardinals) were full of drama, let us not forget: you suck.

But you wouldn’t know that watching your celebrations the last two nights.  Unbridled bedlam.  Unwarranted one-upsmanship.  Beating your chests then dogpiling like you won the goddamned World Series?

Please.  You were the beneficiary of TWO blown calls.  Also, you are a terrible team.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t celebrate a walk-off victory, because it is only natural to do so.  But there is celebration and then there is what you’ve done two days in a row: act like blithering fools.

Consider a touch of class, or at least a nod to the baseball gods umpires who handed you a victory on Tuesday night.

Hate me ‘cuz I speak it straight, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




  1. Adam

    This is the first real thing the team and the fans have had to celebrate. Hence the bedlam. You could say this falls under “take what you can get.” BUT, this is the first time we’ve won two back-to-back walk-off wins against your Cards since 19-f-ing-61. So, I’d call it legit. For us, anyway.

    Not to mention I’m hoping this is the spark that lights a fire under their asses.

    ps. Besides, I think you can forget the wrath and just rewatch a Youtube clip from last October. 🙂

  2. Red State Blue State

    For me, Adam, the level of absurd in their TWO celebrations is just beyond comprehensible for a team that is as bad as the Cubs. Celebrations are fine, but what they did was less celebration and more showing up the opposition. It’s April. Have fun and be excited, but the dogpiling, ripping off each others’ shirts and chest pounding two nights in a row is only more proof of how clueless this team is as a whole. Part of player development is teaching young kids how to win with class. In my opinion, the Cubs got a long way to go in that regard.

  3. Adam

    If you’re going to be all reasonable and right-minded about this, then I can’t have this conversation with you. 🙂 The Cubs are awful, it’s going to be an awful year, I say we take it where we can get it. It’s about mental health.

  4. Minoring In Baseball

    Yeah, I guess they just have to celebrate something in April, as they probably won’t be in October. Even Trevor is falling off the bandwagon, and has been sporting his Angels hat lately…and your probably not too fond of that one either…

  5. crzblue

    Ahh…the luvable losers. Let them celebrate. They’ve had so little to celebrate but I know what you mean, I have seen some annoying Cubs fans at Dodger Stadium. I like to have fun with them but in a friendly way. Is a beautiful day today and Kershaw is on the mound! Can’t wait to see the Nationals tonight!

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