End of the Road (B-Inge Remix)

We’ve all had those kind of relationships where we really like the person, we’re really comfortable with them and we have so many memories of the good times together that it’s nearly impossible to say goodbye.  It’s not that you no longer like them, it’s just that it’s not there anymore.  Well, that’s kind of what happened last week between the Tigers and Brandon Inge.

We’ve known that something was off with the relationship the last couple years.  It just didn’t feel as fresh and fulfilling as it used to.  Sure, we convinced ourselves that the old magic was still there, hiding someplace.  And every once in awhile that spark would rekindle something and we’d see flashes of what used to be there.  It’s like that magical vacation you take to try and find what used to be there and for a week or so, you rediscover it briefly.  But, just like in real life, things soon return to normal and you slowly begin to accept what has to happen.

The thing is, it’s hard to leave a relationship like that, especially when you’ve had so many truly terrible relationships previously.  Dontrelle Willis?  Mike Maroth?  Those two were like the alcoholic chick you picked up at the bar who decided to leave a toothbrush behind the first night and then just refused to leave.  But Inge?  He was more than a relationship.  Even your parents liked him.  He played multiple roles and he always seemed to step up and do what was asked of him.  He was a metaphor for everything that had happened over the previous five seasons.

But whether the relationship is certifiably insane or has just run its course, the end result is the same.  You gotta get out.  I’m not saying that makes it any easier.  Even though I know dropping Inge was the right choice, it’s not like I can just forget him.  I’ll probably still check his facebook and occasionally look at the photos we took together.  Luckily, it’s not like we’re left all alone.  There’s a new crush who has caught my eye and he’s a real Prince.



  1. Minoring In Baseball

    Al-I’ve beat this horse to death myself, but I really think that the Tigers did him a favor by getting him out of the Detroit microscope and giving him a chance to play somewhere else. If he succeeds, then that’s great, but if not Illitch will find him a job in the organization somewhere, my bet is a minor league coach. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him, though.

  2. This is a very simple game...

    There, there Al. It’s important to let it go, despite the good times, if a relationship just isn’t working for you anymore. Otherwise it cheapens the things you had that were real. Besides, your new crush is a team player too and if he keeps crushing that ball the way he is, I’m sure your folks will warm up to him…and learning to cook vegetarian just isn’t as hard as most people think. As for Inge, don’t worry. I’m sure he’ll find someone new too, maybe while in a coaching position as Mike suggests.
    — Kristen

  3. crzblue

    Lol. Fickle Al 🙂 Is Ok like Kristen said. We understand but you men can move on to another relationship faster than we can. Still, I’ve done it.
    Hey Jeff! how about Dee Gordon’s homerun? So is Dee Gordon 1, Pujols zero 🙂

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