Do Work: The BaseBald Way!

Image courtesy of Mark Katzman

A few years ago, a good friend of mine burned a handy mantra into my brain: DO WORK!

While it may sound like a simple phrase, you’d be surprised how difficult it is for some people, to actually do work, to make a difference, to turn dreams into reality.  There are doers.  And there are do not’ers.  I like to think of myself as a doer.

And I am not alone.

In fact, the good folks at the St. Baldrick’s Foundation are constantly doing work — not just work, but good, excellent WORK — to help enrich the lives of children who suffer from cancer by devoting time and effort towards funding childhood cancer research.  Outside of the US government, the St. Baldrick’s Foundation funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any other organization, and they do so through driving folks to show their support by shaving their heads.

Since 2000, over 240,000 volunteers have shown their support by shaving their heads and now the foundation is stepping up to the plate with the BaseBald campaign!

For many of us, being a kid is synonymous with little league, but for those children victimized by cancer, such a life is not guaranteed.  Please take a moment to check out the BaseBald website and consider helping out in any way possible.  So far, 25 teams from around the country have taken part, raising over $270,000 towards research.

If you’re really feelin’ it, find an event near you and consider a cue-ball look for a good cause.  I plan on getting my head shaved on June 23 at the Irish Oak in Chicago.  Besides, if it works for Michael Jordan, Brian Urlacher and Matt Holliday, I’m sure it will look good on you!

Do Work!



  1. crzblue

    This is great Jeff! In my family we have a few women with long hair that for the past two years have joined a radio station event where they collect the hair to make wigs for the kids. At work we are big supporters of the Relay for Life in Simi Valley beneffting the Cancer society. All of our contributions are matched by the company. I see there are two baseball teams in California taking part in this BaseBald foundation.

  2. Minoring In Baseball

    Well, there’s no better work than that done for the kids! It is something that I will definately look into. I would never want to take my kids’ health for granted. I look forward to your pic with the ‘Stone Cold’ look…Thanks, Jeff!

  3. Kathleen Ruddy

    Great mantra, Jeff! And, there’s no better way to “Do Work” than to help children. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to helping raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer research. Because of incredible volunteers like you, who donate their time and talent, the Foundation is able to provide critical resources to researchers and institutions, ensuring that children with cancer receive the best chance for a cure.

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