RSBS Readers Do Some Good, Make a Difference

Image courtesy of Chicago Noble Network Charter Schools

Celebrate, dear readers!  You did something good.  Actually, not just good… FANTASTIC!

Remember back in March when we did our St. Patrick’s Day campaign?  By participating the way you did, you helped raise $750 that we donated to the Chicago Bulls College Prep School athletic department to be used specifically towards purchasing equipment for the school’s baseball team.

Athletic Director Steve Silva and baseball coach Roberto Rosado were very gracious for your efforts and wanted Mr. Krause and I to share with you just how appreciative they are.  Coach Rosado even took the time to answer a few questions…

– – –

Mr. Lung:  Please give us a brief synopsis of your school’s current baseball program.  What level is the level of competition? Any accolades of note?  How many active participants?

Coach Rosado:  I just want to say thank you for this contribution to our program. A brief overview of the program is as follows: we, Chicago Bulls College Prep, started playing baseball during the 2010 season.  So we have been in existence only three years now. In that time we have appeared in back-to-back conference championship games. Unfortunately we lost both games. As far as participants, we have two teams. We have a junior varsity and a varsity team. On the JV team we had 18 players and on the varsity we had 16 players.

Mr. Lung:  Your school’s mission statement is to “prepare students for college graduation and purposeful citizenship by exhibiting ambitious scholarship, self-discipline, honorable character, and a fit lifestyle.”  How does your baseball program help promote this statement?

Coach Rosado:  We want to promote the development of good, honorable young men by playing well and respecting our opponents and the game. The majority of our players have GPAs that average from 3.0 to 3.6 and we also have a few student athletes with a 4.0 GPA.

Mr. Lung:  What sort of unique challenges do inner city baseball programs face today?

Coach Rosado:  There just are not enough decent baseball diamonds for all of the high schools in the inner city.

Mr. Lung:  Do you have any initial ideas of how you might like to use the $750 donation to better your baseball program?  To purchase equipment?  Uniforms?  Field maintenance?

Coach Rosado:  Yes, we, as a baseball program need a batting cage. Since we do not have a practice field behind our school, like a lot of the suburban teams, we must get an indoor batting cage to compete at the highest level.

Mr. Lung:  Lastly, if there is anything you would like us and our readers to know about your baseball program — a specific story or standout individual or anything like that — please let us know.  We want to help promote baseball for our city’s youth and are eager to spread any good news your team and its players might have to share.

Coach Rosado:  In our first year, 2010, we started our program with only 11 players and our record was 4 – 9.  We lost in the 1st round of the playoffs. The following year (2011) we had 24 players and a record of 20 – 4.  We lost in the conference championship game.  Due to all of the hard work and dedication put forth by our players, we have had much success in a short amount of time.

– – –

While Mr. Krause told me he hoped to see RSBS emblazoned jerseys on city fields in the Chi, I think we can both agree that Coach Rosado and the Chicago Bulls Prep baseball team will find a good use for your hard earned dollars.  With limited resources, they’ve already made the championship game two years in a row!  Here’s to wishing them the very best in the future as they aim to take the title!


  1. This is a very simple game...

    What a neat program! I’m so glad you two decided to participate and allow all of us to join in the fun too in small ways. Best wishes to the Chicago Bulls School baseball team for a great season and I hope they enjoy the batting cage.
    — Kristen

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