R-Money and Self-Loathing Middle Class

My entire family votes Republican.  I am not kidding.  With the exception of me and my siblings, my entire extended family pretty much votes a straight ticket.  This makes sense for about half of them since that’s the military half of the family.  Republican administration=increased defense spending=job security.  But the other half are blue collar workers, many of whom saw their union jobs either shipped south of the Mason-Dixon line to right-to-work states or out of the country all-together.  Clinton may have been the one who signed NAFTA but the idea behind it, and the resulting job losses across the rust-belt, were all Republican initiatives.

The point is, it doesn’t make much sense for a paper-mill worker like my dad to be voting Republican.  I can kind of understand why a millionaire former baseball player like Curt Schilling now shills for the GOP.  Tax breaks and loopholes keep his nest-egg more ostrich-sized while the rest of us deal with our quail egg savings.  And if you think any part of the middle class will come out ahead under a Romney/Ryan administration, you need to pull your head out of the sand.

You know, this story could be told much more easily via pictures.  Let’s try that.

Serendipitous truth in advertising:

R-Money – rapper, Mormon, Republican candidate for President:

Now, why exactly is anyone from the middle class or any fiscal conservative planning to vote for this guy?  I guess I should just ask my family.  Chances are, they’ll be doing so.



  1. Baseball Serendipity

    Allen, while you make valid points I will explain why I lean Republican. As a 25 year old who is following my minor league baseball playing husband around this country, on a VERY limited salary, I could very easily swing Democrat. I am actually undeclared on my voter registration but here are the following reasons I lean Republican. I believe is SMALL government. Democrats want way too much control when the power should be in the hands of the people, not our unreliable government. Another major reason I tend to vote Republican is because I believe in preserving our constitution. Democrats as a whole put that constitution in jeopardy. Prime example – the right to bear arms. One of our very basic rights is actually questioned by Democrats, not to mention our entire constitution as a whole. We have not survived this long and been as powerful a country, by loosely interpreting that crucial document. I also vote for Republicans based on Homeland security. We need to protect our boarders and put up a UNITED front. Our military needs to be so powerful that no one would ever question attacking us. Obama has repeatedly apologized for our actions, making us look weak. He is opening up the doors for our enemies to attack us because that’s exactly what they will do when we show even the slightest sign of weakness. And finally, the most important part is I believe in free enterprise. This country was built on that very luxury and if we do not protect our small businesses we might as well crumble now and live in a society run out by monopolies and big government. Look, I am a Vegan who believes in protecting our environment, trust me, I understand how important that is, but we need to 1. raise the number of jobs, 2. lower our debt, 3. protect our boarders, or we won’t have a single dollar to save our planet. I am looking at the future of my children and their children and at this rate, they will be paying our debts 100 years from now. Hope that clarifies why people who make $30k-$70k/ household/ year would vote Republican.

    • Baseball Serendipity

      Haha well, I justtt saw this as I’m on the road for playoffs, but I’m sorry I’m so naive. I’m no political genius as you profess to be, but I can guarantee you I’m more educated than75% of our country – half of which vote democrat and the other half who vote republican. I’m no dummy and I wasn’t trying to be condescending but you opened yourself up for a reply such as mine in that post.

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