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The RSBS Podcast, Episode 24: A Fanboy’s Merkin… and Other Stuff

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And so in this Podcast brought to you by Lifestyles

Jeff and Johanna dig into the bowels of the current Major League season and compare sizes opinions on myriad topics, including but not limited to what makes an ideal fanboy merkin,  the Cubbies‘ goat fiasco, Pat Burrell’s unfortunate meeting with a wall and much, much more! … all to make you laughy-hurty-face!


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Recorded Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bambi Strikes Again

bambi.jpgThe attempted (and partially successful) assassination in Arizona has once again brought the gun control debate to a boil.  Both sides have trotted out their usual arguments for and against gun possession and, of course, both sides refuse to admit that their opponents have anything intelligent to say on the subject. 

The bleeding hearts on the left want to make sure that no one kills Bambi, conveniently ignoring the fact that when Bambi mates, he produces a bunch of little Bambis whose subsequent population explosion wreaks havoc on farmers’ produce and speeding vehicles alike.  Meanwhile, the gun-toting NRA folk are dead-set against giving up their right to assault rifles, extended magazines and dum-dum bullets. 

Luckily, RSBS is here to explain things a little better and offer some rational solutions.

First of all, guns do kill.  I just want to put that out there.  In fact, this is why guns were invented.  You can argue until you’re blue in the face that someone has to pull the trigger but the fact is that a gun’s sole purpose is meting out death.  Anyone who says differently is willfully ignorant at best.  It’s like saying that batting in baseball is defensive because really what you’re trying to do is prevent the ball from making it into the catcher’s mitt.  No, you’re trying to put the ball in play by hitting it.  When you buy a gun, although you may not have the intention of killing anything, its only power, even as a deterrent, is in the fact that you can kill if you want.

Second, some people should not be allowed to own guns.  History of mental problems?  You shouldn’t have a gun.  Even the army won’t accept you?  Probably shouldn’t have a gun.  What is so hard about this concept?  We don’t allow people with Alzheimer’s to drive cars.  Why can that same person purchase a weapon?  I’m just saying that maybe we should use a little common sense here and regulate firearms at least as carefully as we regulate motor vehicles.

Third, guns are fun.  Have you ever shot a gun?  It’s awesome, once you get past that first moment of insane fear.  I grew up around guns and I grew up respecting them and learning how to use and care for them properly.  Responsible gun ownership, like responsible car ownership or responsible use of alcohol, shouldn’t be open to debate.  But if both sides don’t get together and start coming up with some responsible compromises, we’re going to continue with this mishmash of worthless gun laws that irresponsibly sit on the books today.

I’m a realist.  I don’t actually hold out any hope that this senseless act of violence will force people to come to their senses.  In fact, I have a feeling that after the first few moments of kumbaya, we’re going to see even more of the fingerpointing and polarization that created the climate where this act was possible.  But hey, it’s 2011.  We may not have flying cars, time machines or even a freakin’ hoverboard but at least we can hope for rational regulation.


Embarrassed By My Species

head in hands.jpgSociety reeks of the weak.

They might not be everywhere all the time, but the stench of just one weak minded individual has the ability to stamp out all that is good in any given arena, be it physical or mental.

Sometimes the weak throw beer on ballplayers from the bleachers, sometimes they issue fatwas because someone exercised creative license in regard to an archaic lifestyle, and sometimes they walk into Safeway and murder people in droves.

While such instances might not seem like everyday occurrences, let me assure you, they are.  We might not hear about every instance, every day, from every corner of the planet; but it seems that the inability to exact rational thought is something that has hindered mankind since… well… since even before we were called ‘mankind’.

Okay, then, what the hell can we do about it?  What is the solution?  The problem is easily identified, but how do we even begin the process of fixing it?

I don’t have the answer. 

Apparently, no one does.

Tragedy continues to strike at the sloppy hands of the weak.

We may not have the answers yet, but if we make a stronger effort to think, to listen, to have compassion for our fellow man — on an individual level — maybe progress can be made.

At the very least, making a personal vow to do the above is a proactive step.  And as a species, we need to be as proactive as we possibly can, before it’s too late.



Never Fear, Jan Brewer Is Here!

arizona flag.jpgYeah, yeah, so they have an immigration problem.

Yeah, yeah, so they have a winning baseball games problem (see Diamondbacks).

Yeah, yeah, so they have a Matt Leinart problem.

Big deal.

Arizona has Jan Brewer.  And Jan Brewer is on it!


I mean, it could be worse.  She could be Nyjer Morgan.

Hate me ‘cuz you can, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



(thanks to C for the vid tip)

A Tale of Two Ads

In the world of advertising, there are two popular ways to promote and/or sell one’s product.  One way, which isn’t recommended, is to be a real dick about it.  Ya know, start off by saying your opposition (or whoever really, doesn’t matter) is the worst… ever…. in history.  Then make some funny faces into the camera to make us forget that you’re the son of one of earth’s dumbest human beings.  Then, threaten violence.

Sorta like this:

Kinda lame, yeah? 

That’s because the product itself is lame (sorry, Arizona, but y’all are really failing me on your decisions of late).  Bottom advertising line: avoid lame products.

morgan freeman undercast.jpgBecause when the product is as awesome and as captivating and as moving as the hallowed RSBS Podcast, then the good vibes of promoting it just sorta roll out… naturally… on the interwebs and beyond, as is the case at UNDERCAST.  Go to this episode of UNDERCAST and listen to the sweet-@$$ commercial at the beginning (you’ll probably wanna listen to the rest of the show too, if you like enjoying life that is).

Q:  What’s Red State Blue State?

A:  It’s a podcast.  About baseball.  And other things.

Q:  What’s baseball!?!

A:  America’s pastime.

Q:  What’s America!?!?!

Ask yourself that question again, dear readers, and ask it often: What is America?

And how disturbed are you that part of it is going to be run by another Quayle?

Happy Friday!


The Filibuster

The Phoenix Suns gave us the “Los Suns” jerseys. What are the chances we
see “Los Tigres” or “Los D’backs”?

Charles L.


roberto_clemente.jpgExcellent question, Charles.  And very a propos considering all that has been going on down there on the border.  It’s also an interesting question because baseball is a sport dominated by Latin players.  If you’ll forgive me for making a very broad generalization, Hispanic-Americans love baseball and also seem to be unfairly targeted by what has been going on.  So, what do we do?

Well, it’s nice that the Suns made this display of solidarity especially since it’s their state.  And baseball has already been in the business of reaching out to the Latino community since the days of Roberto Clemente.  But it takes more than some slogans on a t-shirt.  Yes, it’s an important gesture but sports are such an integral part of the fabric of America that there’s much more they can do to educate people. 

And when it comes to education, no sport is quite out front of the curve like baseball.  Roberto Clemente paved the way for Latinos in baseball but he also made them more visible in society.  It goes without saying that Jackie Robinson’s impact rippled far beyond the confines of the stadiums in which he played.

In fact, even now baseball has an unprecedented ability to make a huge impact in this situation.  No, they can’t overturn the law.  But they could encourage all the teams that use Arizona as a spring training base to move out and even offer financial incentives to teams who choose to do so.  If they wanted to do something really drastic, why not say that the Diamondbacks will have to play their home games in a neighboring state until the situation is addressed.  No, MLB can’t overturn the law but they can make it mighty painful for those who enacted it.

Baseball is sport but it’s also business. And one of the touchstones for businesses recently is the idea of corporate social responsibility.  Companies give back to the communities in which they operate and attempt to show that they are good citizens.  Well, considering the make up of the league and its most rabid fan base, baseball’s corporate social responsibility would seem to extend directly to this situation.

Sports and particularly baseball have the ability to change society.  Cute translations of teams’ names makes for good press and nice t-shirts but if they really want to take up the mantle once again and make a real difference, more drastic action is needed.  So let’s see it Bud.  Have the D’backs play their home games in Vegas or Albuquerque and let’s see how long this law stays on the books.  Jim Crow didn’t last long after Jackie.  I bet SB1070 wouldn’t either.