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Flux Capacitor and Cheese

While reading about a recent event in Sweden, I had an idea.  If it’s possible to split atoms on a stovetop, perhaps I could push the technology a bit further and figure out a little stovetop time travel.  Think of the possibilities…….

I could go back to 2006 and make sure the Tigers beat the Cardinals in the Series.  You know, with the butterfly effect and all, it could even be something really simple like making my 2006 self do something slightly differently.  Of course I’d do this after the Tigers had knocked off the Athletics to go to the Series but one little change and it’s an alternate universe where David Eckstein plays as small as he really is.

Or I could do like Back to the Future and place a few strategic bets that would leave my future self comfortable for life.  Imagine if I bet on Butler making the NCAA final two years in a row.  Yeah, that would be something.

Or what about all those awkward moments where you think of the perfect thing to say right after the other person has left.  Imagine showing up as some sort of future-based teleprompter.  No more “the jerk store called and they’re running out of you” for this guy.

Right about this point, though, I hit the next article which immediately snapped me out of my reverie.  Time travel impossible?  But what about Doc Brown?  What about the DeLorean?  What about the Tigers finally winning in 2006?  Stupid scientists.  I guess this stovetop will remain dedicated to the production of macaroni and cheese.