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Here’s Winking at You, Kid

One of the reasons America is the best country in the history of the world is because of our nearly psychotic drive to innovate.  Whether it’s the creation of sports like baseball and basketball or the marketing genius to realize that stuffing a sausage inside of a pancake and then putting it on a stick will sell like hotcakes, Americans are driven to innovate.

However, sometimes that drive hops the median from “nearly psychotic” and crashes head-on into stark, raving mad.  Here’s proof:

Who does this? 

Now, I’m not saying that I wouldn’t mind watching Ines Sainz walking by and winking at me…..


….but for chrissakes, guy.  If you want to sell people on a wacko idea, at least put a little effort into the marketing.  We’re Americans.  We love good ideas but we also want to be convinced why we should buy into them.  Even the brilliance of Baconnaise doesn’t just sell itself.

So get out there and keep innovating.  Just make sure that if it’s going to wink at me, I have a reason to wink back.