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A Poorly Defined Tool

lara_logan_egypt.jpgFebruary 11th was not a joyful day for everyone in Egypt.  Sure, the protesters in Tahriir Square appeared jubilant on the TV but the dark side of the celebration became clear a couple days later when news outlets began covering the sexual assault of CBS News correspondent, Lara Logan.  Instead of celebrating the overthrow of Mubarak’s oppressive regime, some of the people gathered that night wielded one of the greatest tools known to oppressors everywhere: rape.

Sadly, it’s not just in chaotic Middle Eastern countries or war-torn African countries that rape has become a tool.  Even here in the US where rape has become politicized, it serves as a tool for various agendas.  If the current Congress has its way, it will become even harder to define and that much more difficult to punish.  I’ll let Kristen Schaal help me clarify here:

Yep, the way we’re going, it won’t actually be rape unless you explicitly state that you’re raping someone during the act.

However, this is good news for some people.  For instance, Ben Roethlisberger.  No longer will he have to worry about getting young ladies drunk and then forcing himself on them in the bathroom of a bar.  According to Congress, this isn’t really rape.  Or, as Ms. Schaal explained, it’s merely rape-ish.  I think both Roethlisberger and the Congress might have a hard time explaining that one to Ms. Logan, though.