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Beyond Non Sequitur VI

For as long as I can remember I’ve doubted my capabilities as a parent.  I’m not a parent, so that’s okay… but I still think about it: how my selfish lifestyle would make parenting difficult, how much I dislike diapers, how just the faintest scent of vomit makes me wanna die.

Then I was watching T.V. one day and realized that people like me can be parents too:

In that mom’s defense, she put the mac-n-cheese on the table.  She should be able to eat as much of it as she wants.


Hate me ‘cuz it’s the popular thing to do, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.

Now go get ready for dem playoffs yo!


Beyond Non Sequitur III

Yep.  This is totally out of left field, but I feel the need to share: this picture has been cracking me up for a good month now.  Every time I look at it I lose myself in uncontrollable laughter.  Can anyone tell me why?

tomb raider.jpg
Not sure if there’s any reason to hate me this time, so, y’know, don’t. 

And just in case you’re wondering: Yes, despite the cool, peaceful demeanor of the above holy man, dude still hates the Cubs.



(*Image courtesy of B3TA)

Beyond Non Sequitur II

There are days when you feel like you can run through walls. Everything is going your way and there is simply nothing that can slow you down.

There are other days when even making it through an automatic door is tough. For all those days, though, just be glad that this isn’t you:

However, we did learn an important lesson. Always confront your problems head on. Preferably not head on glass, though.


Beyond Non Sequitur

the_wire.jpgI just finished watching Season 5, the final season of The Wire. And as much as I’d love to write something about baseball right now, I don’t think it’s even possible. Sure, I could try to come up with some sort of analogy comparing the pennant chase with the myriad of chases interlaced into the fabric of this HBO series. Or I could compare the probable playoff teams to various characters in the show and pit them against each other in a fight to the death and thereby once again (correctly) tell you who will win the World Series.

Honestly, I’m just speechless right now. It’s not that the final episode was the best one I’ve ever seen because it wasn’t. But the series as a whole, well, there isn’t much that can compare to it. So, even though it’s Friday, even though I’ve been MIA and even though this is a blog about baseball and politics, that’s all I got. Except, doesn’t McNulty remind you a little bit of the Yankees……?

Happy Friday. And go watch The Wire.