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Ozzie Guillen just isn’t that attractive

In an effort to continue our outreach to the gay sporting community, I’d first of all like to thank Mr. Meyer for his recent letter to the editors of RSBS. I can also say that having known Mr. Lung for several years now, I’m sure he did not intend any offense with his recent entry. Well, except to Cubs fans and that’s understandable. And I’d also like to say that from my point of view the thought of Ozzie Guillen kissing anyone is pretty awful. He’s just not an attractive
john_garland.jpgguy. It’s kind of like Camryn Manheim making out with someone. You respect their work but who they kiss and how it happens just shouldn’t be part of the public domain. Come to think of it, if I were to extrapolate a little on the original post, I really wouldn’t want to see Jim Edmonds making out with anyone either. And it doesn’t matter if he’s wearing a Cardinal red or Cub blue. Jon Garland, though…..well, that could be interesting. And if it involved Eva Longoria (or even Evan Longoria, for that matter)…….Anyway, I’m just thinking out loud here and it’s time to move on.