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Party Time!

disco_demolition.jpgSometimes parties get out of hand.  Like the White Sox Disco Demolition event.  Who would have thought that destroying a bunch of old disco records would drive fans to rush the field?  Well, probably the same people who remembered that 10 cent beers lead to rioting and craziness.

But this seems to be the type of partying that Americans enjoy and it’s not confined to baseball.  For instance, how about we take a look at another contemporary party that seems to bring the crazies out from every nook and cranny.  There may not be a cohesive platform or a lick of logic involved but they sure came up with a catchy name: The Tea Party.

Despite what you may have thought after the 2006 and 2008 elections, the American electorate has not magically come to its senses.  In fact, it appears that its dabbling with facts and reason had the opposite effect as they stumble straight down the rabbit hole and into a land where up is down, right is left and having the middle name Hussein means that you are a secret Muslim preparing to turn the United States over to a bunch of terrorists.  These days, it just ain’t a party unless it’s a Tea Party. 

But how about we let the kind folks over at College Humor take a more in depth look at this soiree:


I guess we just have to hope that one pill makes you larger, one pill makes you smaller and one pill makes you realize that these people are insane.

As with ten-cent beer night and Disco Demolition, the scars will heal.  The Tea Baggers, uh, I mean Tea Partiers will eventually wake up with a monster hangover and swear they’ll never do it again.  Which obviously means that I’ll see you here in another few year when we do it all over again.