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More Thoughts on Parenting

craig_sager.jpgI always give young kids a pass in the embarrassingly dressed department because it’s hard to blame someone whose parents still clothe them.  If you had seen me walking around during the summer 25 years ago, I hope you would have been as kind.  Honestly, I still wonder what my mom was thinking when she let me choose my own material and then made shorts out of it.

When grown men don’t realize that they’re dressed inappropriately, though, that’s a different matter.  For instance, what is wrong with Craig Sager and in what universe would those jackets and ties ever be considered acceptable?  But as you’re pondering that question, witness something that trumps even Craig:

Somebody needs their momma to slap them a good one.



The Evil of the Thriller

craig_sager.jpgWhat could be more spooky than changing locations for a pivotal game 3 on Halloween night? The answer: not much. I think I’d even rather face the terror of national health care than show up wearing Yankees gear in Philadelphia tonight. No matter which side of the debate you find yourself on, the fright of getting dropped from your health insurance because of a pre-existing condition or sending Nana in front of a “death panel” because her health is no longer viable sure beats the horror of beer and hot dog wielding phanatics. 

However, no matter how insane Phillies fans may be, I am hard pressed to believe there is anything more scream inducing than listening to Joe “I don’t even pay attention to baseball anymore” Buck doing the play by play. Although they could have made it even worse by bringing TBS and the corneal abrasion that is Craig Sager in on the act. Even Michael Jackson couldn’t make that outfit look good.

What would be really nice is if just for one night they would bring in a voice that could give the World Series the gravitas it deserves. And since it’s Halloween I think you all know where I’m going with this. Exactly. We should raise Vincent Price from the grave and let him do it. Hey, it worked for Thriller:



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