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steve_young.jpgImagine being the guy who has to take over first base from Pujols when he leaves the Cardinals.  Sure, like Jeff says, life will go on but imagine being that guy.  It doesn’t matter how good you are, you’re always going to fall short.  It’s kind of like Steve Young.  He was a great quarterback but I don’t think that many people would claim he was better than Joe Montana.  It’s hard being a replacement.

Steve Young aside, replacements often leave much to be desired.  Maybe it’s because the original is irreplaceable.  Maybe it’s because the original has a special place in our hearts.  Maybe it’s both.  But the fact is, being a replacement is an unenviable task.

It’s even worse when you have to replace a classic.  The Daily Show pointed this out recently:

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Sure, the original is full of crass and vile vernacular but that’s the reality of our history.  When you try to replace it, it just comes off as hackneyed and simplistic. 

Huck Finn, for better or worse, represents a specific time in American history, a time that we don’t necessarily have to be proud of but that we should remember.  Albert Pujols represents the other end of that spectrum for Cardinals fans and he’s going to be just as irreplaceable.  And when they try, it’s going to feel just as awkward as the new version of Huckleberry Finn.