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The Luck of the Irish

At first blush, baseball doesn’t seem to have all that many ties to Ireland.  Sure, St. Patrick may have used a blunt, bat-like object to whack away at the snakes invading the Emerald Isle but the Irish are more of cricket/soccer/rugby sort of nation.

However, there’s one thing that baseball fans and the Irish can agree on and that’s the fact that their preferred sport, whatever it may be, goes down even better with a nice tall beer.  I think that’s probably the main reason that RSBS‘ ongoing collaboration with Guinness to create the World’s Biggest St. Patrick’s Day Party makes so much sense.

St. Patty’s is only a few short days away and, as the muppets remind us each year, it’s a day fraught with emotion:

[youtube http://youtu.be/riXcinqDeCI]

This year, before you begin boiling your cabbage and corned beef, help RSBS make that emotion joy for some kids in Chicago.