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Even Keanu Can’t Make This One Enjoyable

kid_strike.jpgSince when have shutdowns become a good idea?  The NHL nearly folded after its stoppage and has only begun to recover thanks to Crosby and Ovechkin.  Unless Keanu Reeves leads the way, no one wants to see replacement players take the field again in place of the NFL stars.  MLB relegated itself to a decade of irrelevance after their last strike.  So why does the government think it will work for them?

I understand the difference here.  Stoppages and lockouts due to strikes are different than shutdowns due to budget impasses.  But they do share some important characteristics, one of the main ones being that its a really good way to piss people off. 

To be fair, only one group of people has really clamored for the shutdown.  Democrats and Republicans both know that cutting off your nose to spite your face will cost both sides in 2012.  However, the Tea Partiers haven’t learned that lesson yet and appear more than happy to shut everything down.  What happens then?  Well, here’s a partial reckoning.

As I write this, it ain’t over yet.  The Congress has until midnight to either pass the spending bill or try to ram through another continuing resolution.  They better hope they do.  Baseball learned the hard way that the best way to turn off an entire generation of fans was to shut down the game for the season.  People already hate Congress.  Do they really want to give us more reasons?



A Tribute to Paula

paula-abdul.jpgAlthough I wasn’t really allowed access to “secular” music growing up, I sometimes managed to sneak in a little listen from time to time.  Strangely, Paula Abdul quickly became one of my favorites.  Between the poppiness, the perkiness and the just straight up catchiness, I still find myself whistling her tunes from time to time. 

As if the songs weren’t enough, the videos also became legendary.  This was the time when movie stars often showed up and Paula made her mark by costarring with Keanu Reeves in the “Rush, Rush” video.  This was also the era of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Paula followed suit with the “Opposites Attract” video.

Strangely, though, the song that I remember the most and probably liked the most is the one I really can’t place as far as videos go.  However, if I would have been the director, I may have started “Cold-Hearted” off something like this:


Happy Saturday.  Once you’ve cleaned yourself up, go get some brunch.


Video courtesy of Barstool Sports: Boston