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Baseball’s Building Blocks

lego_baseball.jpgAs if the official opening of the baseball season wasn’t enough, the Star Wars Miniland at LegoLand California also opens today!  And what could be more American than baseball and Legos?  Both involve the assembly of complex structures from seemingly small and interchangeable building blocks.  Both are incredibly overpriced.  Both are better with beer.

Over here at RSBS, we couldn’t be happier about the start of the season.  Maybe it’s the hellish winter that still hasn’t quite let go.  Maybe it’s the fact that thinking about football also means thinking about the all but imminent work stoppage.  Maybe it’s just that baseball and spring go together like apples and pie.  Whatever it is, baseball is back and from now until November, you can bet that we’ll be letting you know what we think.

So without any further ado, play ball!