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Pay to Play

money.jpgPaying for a championship is a time-honored tradition in sports.  Over in Europe you have teams like Real Madrid who spend billions of dollars attempting to cash in on the notoriety that comes from winning any of the lucrative club championships.  In the US we have our own version and they’re called the Yankees.

There’s only one problem with buying championships.  It never seems to work out.  Sure, the teams are always close and there’s no denying they’re good.  But, just like the Yankees proved once again this year, it doesn’t matter how much you pay or how you play during the regular season.  Come playoff time, you either put up or shut up.

As much money as the Steinbrenners throw around, though, and as many transfer fees as the Madrilenos may be willing to pay, they pale in comparison with the money wasted by one other country.  However, I think I’ll leave the explanation to someone else:

Throw Cristiano Ronaldo or Mark Teiexeira in there and you’d really be cooking with gas.