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Come With Me and Escape

So, your team isn’t doing so hot in the postseason.  Or maybe your team didn’t even make it.  Sometimes you just want to get away from it all.  You could go hiking but there are certain risks.  You could try and start a friendly game of soccer with some world leaders but that’s not as safe as it used to be either.

Honestly, maybe you should just turn off the TV and use that ESPN or MLB.com tab for something new.  Like this.

Hey, it works for me.  Sure, the Tigers may have finished at an even .500 but that doesn’t matter when you’re staring at a highway in rural Japan or a neighborhood in Ibhayi, South Africa. 

So go ahead and make your escape.  Just make sure you uncheck North America or you may end up looking at this:

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That’s not escape.  That’s just mean.