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Danny Almonte, But Not Really

I didn’t have a whole lot of success in little league.  I could field all right but I couldn’t hit a curve.  Or a fastball.  Or a changeup which is really what most of the pitchers were throwing back then anyway.  Turns out I might have been going at the thing all wrong, though.  See, if I would have started a couple years after everyone else but started at the beginning, I might have had a chance.  Kind of like Julious Threatts

Man, as a 14-year old hitting against 7-year olds, I could have cleaned up!  Just imagine.  Twice their age, probably almost double their size.  It would have been like this:

Or maybe like this:


Either way, it would have been awesome.  At least until a 17-year old joined up.

Happy Friday and happy Labor Day weekend.