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Stocks and Steaks

south dakota farmscapes.jpgWhat do you do when you’re from a state like South Dakota or Nebraska that definitely has no professional sports teams and barely even has a population? 

The question doesn’t apply so much when you come from the northeast and its glut of teams.  Mainers, at least the ones I know, tend to go with the Mass-holes and the people I’ve met from Connecticut often opt for New York.  But those are states with legitimate populations.  That still doesn’t answer the question.

What do you do when you’re from a state that is quite literally the middle of nowhere? 

Well, if you’re from the homeland of Warren Buffett and mail order steaks, apparently you take yourself way too seriously and go transcontinental when choosing to cheer:

C’mon Whyte Myk.  The Pirates?  And you wonder why no one takes your rap career seriously.



Dispatches From a Midwestern Stoic

tips_like_a_cow.jpgIn the middle west of our fair country, we hold many things sacred.  A short list would have to include potluck dinners, the right to call soda by its Michigan name, pop, and knowing the correct form for tipping over a sleeping cow.  We also used to hold college football sacred but now I’m beginning to wonder.

Sure, we’re in the middle of baseball season right now and there’s plenty to enjoy.  The Tigers aren’t too far behind, Strasburg finally made his move and there’s even a chance I might get to see him pitch against the White Sox next week.  Forgive me if I’m not just a little bit distracted, though, by the news coming out of Big Ten land.

Personally, I still think it’s a little bit of a travesty that the conference added Penn State but decided to keep calling itself “The Big Ten,” only paying lip service to the true arithmetic by getting all cutesy with the logo.  But now they’re going to add Nebraska, too?  Don’t get me wrong, I understand the pressure that exists in big time college sports and adding a team like Nebraska is definitely going to help the revenue stream.  That doesn’t mean I have to like it, though.

On the bright side, at least when they picked a team that starts with “N” they avoided the confusingly named Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.  I mean, they do realize that the name of the school is French but the mascot is a tiny Irishman, right? 

I guess it’s inevitable and I should probably get over it.  It just seems strange that as a Big Ten team you definitely won’t play all the other Big Ten teams.  It’s like being in the National League but never playing the Dodgers.  Where’s the sense in that?

Now that I’ve said my piece, it’s time to get back to another couple things we hold dear in the Midwest: Beer and stoicism.  I think I’ll hold off on the meth, though.