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A Tribute to Paula

paula-abdul.jpgAlthough I wasn’t really allowed access to “secular” music growing up, I sometimes managed to sneak in a little listen from time to time.  Strangely, Paula Abdul quickly became one of my favorites.  Between the poppiness, the perkiness and the just straight up catchiness, I still find myself whistling her tunes from time to time. 

As if the songs weren’t enough, the videos also became legendary.  This was the time when movie stars often showed up and Paula made her mark by costarring with Keanu Reeves in the “Rush, Rush” video.  This was also the era of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Paula followed suit with the “Opposites Attract” video.

Strangely, though, the song that I remember the most and probably liked the most is the one I really can’t place as far as videos go.  However, if I would have been the director, I may have started “Cold-Hearted” off something like this:


Happy Saturday.  Once you’ve cleaned yourself up, go get some brunch.


Video courtesy of Barstool Sports: Boston


Ban, Ban, Everywhere a Ban


Having barely recovered from my colleague’s audacious yet titillating post from yesterday, which featured the buxom awesomeness of one Erin Andrews, I am sure you can imagine how exhausted I was this afternoon.  I was so worn out that I almost didn’t even have the energy to be shocked at the following news stories:

  • United Kingdom Bans Michael Savage for Being a Ranting A-Hole

  • University of Illinois at Chicago Bans Students from Shaking Hands (thanks a lot, swine flu, how are the kids gonna hook up now?)
  • MLB Bans Manny Ramirez for Testing Positive for PEDs

Okay, I admit, that last one isn’t really all that shocking considering the myriad priors of Manny Ramirez buffoonery.  Still, to be banned for 50 games?  Now that is saying something!  Kudos to Major League Baseball for throwing the hammer at a big-time rule-breaker not named J.C. Romero!

While the entire social networking world is going wild over this steroid ban by Tweeting and Facebooking and MySpacing and Moshpitting opinions at lightning speed, let us not lose sight of the fact that there is an awful lot of banning going on in the free world — some warranted (Manny), some not (UIC students).

And like most things trendy, tired and trite, RSBS strives to get in on the action.  So here is a short list of things that must be banned in the very near future:

BANNED: Paula Abdul’s Sobriety!!!
Wonder why American Idol ratings are down?  You think Adam Lambert and Simon Cowell can carry the show?  Ha!  Think again, squarepants.  Give me a whacked out loopy Paula and I’ll show you some damn ratings!

BANNED: Kyle Farnsworth’s Glasses!!!
They are not helping!  A 7.56 ERA?  Opponent BA of .314?  Somebody get this guy some steroids!  Stat!

BANNED: Paying Attention to Rod Blagojevich!!!
Seriously, does anyone really care anymore?

BANNED: Space-Ball!!!
Now that Virgin is revolutionizing space travel, just think of how many asterisks we will need once baseball is being played there!  Stop it now while we can!

And finally…

BANNED: The Yankees’ Ability to Beat the Red Sox!!!

Oh, wait, we already did that.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.