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Things I Learned Last Week

jeff keeping score at wrigley.jpgFor me, the biggest difference between being 21 years old and 31 years old, is that at 31 years old I realize I don’t know everything there is to know about the world… most things, yes.  Everything?  Not a chance.

So that’s why I get so giggly when I learn something new.  Always be learning… that’s my motto.  And believe me, folks, last week was full of virgin information. 

For example:

The Pirates Have Run Out of Future Stars to Trade Away
Yeah, yeah, you can make a strong case for Andrew McCutchen being that guy, but the Pirates have long said he’s a keeper.  I’m talkin’ about the Aramis Ramirezes… the Nate McClouths… the Freddy Sanchezes.  Okay, maybe not the Freddy Sanchezes.  But you get what I’m sayin’.

Sarah Palin Thinks She Knows What Having “Cojones” Is All About

I can tell ya this much: those with cojones don’t quit their jobs as governor mid-term.  And they never use the phrase “hopey-changey”.  And they tend to not make up words, then compare themselves to Shakespeare.  Believe that.

The Yankees Have a Death Wish

How else does one explain their trading for Kerry Wood?  Look, I know Joba’s been bad and all… but Kerry Wood?  Seriously?  The Boss is rolling over, y’all.

clinton wedding.jpgA Chelsea Clinton Wedding Does Not A Camelot Make
Look, I know Bill Clinton is cool and all.  Hell, some might even say he’s… sexy.  But at the same time, no one would ever use the word ‘sexy’ to describe Hillary.  And Chelsea?  Exactly.  Let’s just agree that this whole Clinton shindig was more proof that what US America really longs for is ultimate regression: give us back our king; make us slaves to royal inbreeds; let the pope wreck the world with his medieval wordview.  I, frankly, will not be a part of it.  I will finish my spaceship and move to Betelgeuse, where I belong.  But I’m taking my collection of scorecards with me.

And, of course… I also learned that…

ryan ludwick running.jpgIt’s So Hard to Say Goodbye… To Ryan Ludwick
Admittedly, Luddy ain’t no Albert.  He ain’t no Yadi.  He ain’t no Waino.  But he is Luddy… and over the last few years we’ve really learned to appreciate his bat, his patience, his gamesmanship.  And we’re gonna miss that.  Ludwick has always been one of those quiet warriors — a stoic gamer who never shies from giving his best effort, even when that means playing through pain.  But the Cardinals needed pitching.  And with the outfield logjam set up by the excellent play of John Jay, there wasn’t room for Ludwick anyway.  The Padres are gettin’ a boost.  We’re gettin’ the arm we need.  And everyone ought to be happy (except for the Indians who currently reside in baseball hell).

We’re gonna miss ya, Ryan.

Don’t hate me.

‘Cuz I’m right.



(Special thanks to C for the top photo)

Seeing Is Believing

pope benedict xvi.jpgPope Benedict XVI’s Good Friday address was what most of us expected it to be: warming, inviting, aggressive.  And since my esteemed secular colleague, Mr. Krause, already achieved his annual civic duty of offending the Catholic church, I will refrain from continuing such questioning threads… except to say: WHAT?!?!

Acknowledging the world’s escalating progressive temperature towards logic and science, the Pope warned the masses that Western society is currently collapsing into “a desert of godlessness”.


I think not.

Admittedly, I am not your typical religious type; yet I do have the propensity to ponder the existence of higher powers.  One need only examine the current state of the greatest game on earth to realize that indeed, something “other” is at work:

Kyle Farnsworth still has a job.

J.P. Ricciardi still has a job.

And Bartolo Colon is pitching today.

bartolo colon.jpgOvercome by such paramountcy, I find that I have no choice but to go and see for myself.

Yes, dear readers.  Today, Comiskey is my church, Colon is my vehicle and baseball is my savior.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



Good Friday? Try Great!

easter_bunny.jpgIt’s a little strange. Here we are, late Friday afternoon, and despite the Tigers playing their home opener during “holy hours,” the city of Detroit did not burst into flame nor did the world end. It’s almost like, well, maybe the whole thing was a minor incident blown way out of proportion by a vocal minority.

You know what’s even more strange, though? We’re five games into the season and the Tigers have won 40% of those games. I know, I know, it’s not great. But considering the all-but-certain World Series contenders were 0-5 at the same point last year despite opening the season with four games against the Royals, well, you can see why I might be feeling all right. Not only that but Galarraga showed that his decent outings last season were no fluke.

But, this being Good Friday and all, I think a little sacrilege and blasphemy are in order. After all, why else do you keep coming back to RSBS unless it’s to be alternately offended and amazed?

I’ll start with the Pope. Now, he hasn’t had an easy go of it so far but it really doesn’t help when he continuously manages to make GWB look like a model of reservedness and diplomacy. Exhorting the words of early church bigots? Denigrating the one thing that has brought a killer epidemic under control? Is this really how he wants to be remembered? There’s a lot to be said for the rapprochement that John Paul II effected between Catholics and the rest of the religious world but Benedict seems determined to make a hash of it.

Now, I’m not saying that Catholics have some sort of monopoly on ignorance. Lord knows the Protestants, the Jews, the Muslims, the atheists and every other religious (or anti-religious) groups have their fair share of moments, too.

That’s why I think it’s important to bring things full circle to something we can all agree on. And today the thing that we can all get behind is the continued brilliance of Tracy Morgan: