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Shutting it Down

shutdown.jpgImagine you’re the general manager of a baseball team.  Now imagine that your ownership team is split between two separate factions who can’t stand each other.  They so disagree on the direction the team should take that they won’t even tell you how much money you have to field your baseball team.  In fact, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll have to shut down in a couple weeks.  Only until things can be sorted out, of course, and then you have to get back to business as usual.

Yeah, exactly.  That would never fly.  The same thing is true if you were talking about a major corporation or even a small business.  But after going through a government shutdown 17 years ago, we’re heading that way again.

Here’s the thing, though, when a baseball team shuts down, the players can either rely on their millions in endorsements or help from the union fund.  No such luck when you work for the government.  In fact, if you’re working for some agencies, you might not only be staring a work stoppage in the face, you might also be looking at getting your pay cut

Now, I’m a realist.  I understand that both parties are content to just let this play out until someone flinches.  And with next year being an election year, neither side wants to come out looking like the bad guy or looking soft.  In the end we’ll probably get some sort of mishmash of a bill that doesn’t solve any of the long-term problems we face yet both sides will claim victory while simultaneously talking about how the other guys screwed the American public.  It’s just sad that we can’t get some good leadership there in Washington.  You know, like Bud Selig.