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Spiders vs. Atoms

As a fan of the Tigers, I saw some pretty amazing catches in center field over the past few years.  Granderson has skills, even if he chose to turn them over to the Evil Empire, and Austin Jackson has turned some heads as well.  When I was younger, I also got to see Griffey at old Tigers’ Stadium when the Mariners came to town and that was nothing short of amazing.

However, all of those pale in comparison with what you’re about to see:

And even that looks mundane when compared to what a teammate of his did a couple weeks earlier:

EMBED-Spiderman Style Baseball Catch – Watch more free videos

The only way I can explain these feats of spectacularity is that the team plays in Hiroshima.  Hey, if Peter Parker becomes Spiderman because of a radioactive spider, it stands to reason that these guys become baseball’s spidermen for the same reason.


Thanks to MW for the link and Big League Stew for the vid.