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Poking the Bear

sad_mets_fan.jpgI’m a mean guy. Not incredibly mean but mean enough to bring it up in a public forum when my friend’s team crashes out of the playoffs by losing 3 straight games. Mean enough to continue bringing it up at least until the start of the next season. Mean enough to insult Albert Pujols’ mama. But even I draw the line somewhere. It appears that StubHub doesn’t have quite the same restraint.

Can you imagine it? A city full of Mets fans waking up to such an incendiary email on a Monday morning? Mondays are bad enough as it is. And New Yorkers are angry enough as it is. It’s like poking an already angry bear with a stick. Granted, when we’re talking about the Mets it’s a mangy old bear that long ago lost its teeth and claws. And will to live. But it’s still a bear and everyone knows you don’t poke bears with sticks.

Now, StubHub apologized and that’s a classy move. God knows I’m not going to do anything like that with regards to my comments about the Cardinals or Mr. Pujols’ mother. But the damage has already been done. The bear has been let out of the cage, if you will. Granted, it probably won’t make that much of a difference because even Mets fans will still hit up the website if they really want tickets to a sold-out game. But it’s the moral of the thing. You just don’t kick someone when they’re down. Well, maybe sometimes. Like when they’re down 3 games to none in a five game series.


-Thanks to Rachel at http://twitter.com/PujolsMolinaFan for the tip.


The Psychology of the Sweep

sweep_the_leg_johnny.jpgAs a sports fan, is there anything more disheartening than a sweep? It’s great when your team is dealing it out but if you really care, it’s like a knife in the kidney when it happens to your guys. Everything that has gone into the season and then it’s all gone in 3 or 4 games.

So, I feel bad for all those fans out there of the Cardinals, Twins and Red Sox. Ok, not really so much for Red Sox fans. And really, the Cardinals won the whole thing at the expense of my team just a couple years ago so not really them so much either. And the Twins are division rivals so I guess I can’t really say I’m all that sorry for their fans. But, I do understand that it is not a fun feeling.

The thing is, a sweep isn’t just a defeat, it’s a smack across the face. It says that in a best of five or seven game series, you couldn’t even win one of those games. And while winning one might not be all that pretty or that meaningful, at least it shows you did something right. But not winning a single game? That just says you probably shouldn’t have even been there.

So, to all the heart-broken fans of the Cards, Twins and Sox out there, let me say this. You may not have actually deserved to be there this year but, just like Cubs fans, you always have next year.


Image from SawxBlog. Irony not intended but definitely appreciated.