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Sit Down and Be Counted

the_wave.jpgAlthough I believe in the evolution of baseball, some things I refuse to support.  For instance, I don’t like pink versions of baseball caps.  I’m completely in favor of teams coming out with alternate uniforms and including alternate headgear styles in that. It’s a great way for a team to make money and I suppose that if a team had pink in their uniform color and decided to make a pink hat to go with it, I could support that.  But they don’t.  Ergo, no pink hats.

The thing I dislike the most, though, and it has been mentioned here before, is people doing the wave during a game.  Yes, I understand that sometimes the proceedings can be a little boring.  However, one of the beautiful things about baseball is that you never know when excitement might happen.  That’s why you pay the money to come to the ballpark and that’s why you try not to drink too many over-priced beers.  But if you’re watching the other side of the stands to figure out when you should stand up and wave your hands in the air, chances are that you’re no longer paying attention to the game.  And that is a shame.

This is why I proudly display the following:

stop_the_wave.jpgI know I’m ahead of my time and I know I’ll be ridiculed for making this stand.  Or sit.  But someone has to do it and that someone could also be you.  Join us and help stop this menace before it it invades other areas of your life.  Just imagine if they made your kids do the wave during school assemblies.  I bet you’d do something then.  Don’t let it come to that.