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Living with the Double Tap

middle_school_dance.jpgBased on what I read on the internets, America faces two main problems today.  The first problem involves many moving parts but as far as I understand it, Islamo-fascists (not really a word) want to use the new health-care bill to further cement their hold on America at which point they plan to hold us hostage with new taxes, the UN and their control over our apparently non-American and strongly Muslim president.  Yep, that’s definitely a problem.  Once their evil plan comes to fruition, we’ll all end up like kids at a middle school dance.  And by “kids” I mean Somali villagers.

However, based on internet commentary alone, this problem pales in comparison to the enormous question facing all Americans.  One space or two?  This argument hits home very strongly for me because I used to be a one spacer.  That’s right, until a year or two ago, I only hit the space bar once after each period.  But then my punctuation obsessed partner pointed this fact out and began a subtle campaign of ridicule in an attempt to force me to change.  I am sad to say that I did give in and now find it hard to imagine going back to the single space.

I’d like to say that this renewed debate over spacing has given me the confidence to return to my single space ways but the truth is that I have grown comfortable in the double tap.  I have too much invested in the double space post period so I simply avoid the debate and rest safe in my ignorance.  Which, apparently, is what a large percentage of the US population has decided to do as well.  Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right?