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Taking it From Both Ends

old-people-playing-wii.JPGI recently became aware of a menace much greater than Skynet becoming sentient.  Try not to get scared but it appears that both the young and old have decided to gang up on the rest of us.  Don’t believe me?  Check out these two articles.

Last week ESPN broke the news about USC getting a commitment from a 13 year old. 13?  That’s seventh grade, people.  In seventh grade I grew six inches, lost my ability to sing tenor and tried to cope with all the inevitable impracticalities associated with these changes.  Even if I had any sort of athletic talent, there’s no way you could have seriously evaluated it at that point.  It’s great for the kid and I’m sure Lane Kiffin is all about the headlines.  But 13?

If that isn’t enough to scare you, just look at what David Brooks says grandma and grandpa are doing to you.  Apparently they aren’t content with the never-adjusted-for-inflation birthday present of a $10 check or forcing you to join them at a 4PM dinner and a 7AM line-dancing class.  No, that’s not enough.  Now, according to Brooks, they’re taking our money, our freedom and our opportunity.  This is the thanks I get for all those painstakingly handmade gifts in elementary school?  Maybe I should have kept my macaroni painting for myself.

Before you go ending it all, though, there is good news.  It’s now the middle of February and football season has ended.  That means we only have to put up with hockey, basketball and the Olympics for a little while longer before baseball rouses itself from hibernation and takes its first stumbling steps out into the open.  Let’s see grandma try to take that away.



Dramatic and Devastating

Did I forget to say “Happy Autumn” last week? If I did, I truly apologize. I guess I figured that most RSBS readers had already figured out the change of season. It’s usually pretty evident from the bite in the air, the start of the football season and the Mets’ annual late-season choke.

And it’s even better this year with the Yankees relegated to the sidelines. In fact, except for some minor concerns (the credit crisis and imminent depression, Michigan’s loss to Notre Dame), things couldn’t be much better right now.

But I can’t just leave it at that. That’s not how I roll. No, just like my buddy John McCain, I need to make a “dramatic and devastating” statement.
And here it is: I will not write any more mean things about either the Republican Presidential nominee or the Republican Vice Presidential nominee. Like my mother always told me, if you can’t say anything nice, just don’t say anything at all.

Instead, it’s only going to be important, sports-based commentary as we shift our focus towards the ongoing playoff races. For instance, have you been watching those Mets, Phillies  and Brewers as they battle for the NL wild card? Or how about the dogfight between the White Sox and Twins in the AL Central? And what about that USC-Oregon State shocker Thursday night? And…uh, well, and…

….I’m sorry. I just can’t do it. I mean, have you seen this:

This is Bill Buckner-esque. I have very low expectations when it comes to our elected officials but at this point I think I’d rather have Harry Caray as VP. I’d rather have Joe Buck. Hell, I’d rather have Erin Andrews and you all know my views on her.

You know what’s beautiful, though? Even though we have no control over the playoff races and what happens to our teams, we do have a say in who gets elected in November. And that’s why I want to take this opportunity to urge any RSBS readers out there who aren’t already registered to make sure they do it soon. If you aren’t or you just aren’t sure, here’s a great site that will help you either figure out where you are registered or take you through the process for the first time. It doesn’t matter if you “Rock the vote” or “Vote or die.” What matters is that you vote.