The Filibuster

joba_bugs.jpgAfter a one year absence, the Yankees are back in the playoffs. Can we
expect to see another big name big money fail from A-Rod and company
again this year? Please say ‘yes’.

Cape Girardeau, MO



Oh, you want me elaborate? Yes, Emily.

More than that? Man, you sure are demanding.

Here’s how I see it. The Yankees are good. I mean, really good. After being manhandled by the Red Sox the last couple years, Jeter and company owned them the second half of this season. With the lineup they have at the plate and a ridiculous cast of pitchers, the pennant is theirs to lose.

But lose it they will. Somehow they always find a way. Remember the bug game with Joba Chamberlain in Cleveland a couple years ago? Or how about that epic fail against the Tigers in 2006? There’s just something a little off about the Yankees. You can buy all the pieces but you can’t buy the chemistry that brings it together. It’s like owning a rebuilt Maserati, only it has been reassembled by Jeff.

Now Emily, I plan to address this whole question much more in depth later this week with the return of Allen’s Post-Partisan Playoff Preview. And who knows, I may even change my mind. But, at this point in time, let me just say once again, that yes, the Yankees will fail and once again A-Rod will fail to deliver in the postseason. You heard it here first.



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  1. devilabrit

    it’s so nice to know Jeff can’t build a maserati, well maybe he can but it wouldn’t work… but maybe the Yankees will win an Oscar this year for acting like a winning team…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  2. redstatebluestate

    I believe those ‘bugs’ are what the locals call ‘midges’. Don’t hate on the midges.

  3. crzblue2

    Hey Al,
    Congrats on being quoted in the main MLB site with this quote:
    “With the lineup [the Yankees] have at the plate and a ridiculous cast of pitchers, the pennant is theirs to lose. … But lose it they will. — Red State Blue StateMore from this MLBlog »
    MLBlogs »
    I am glad we get treated to an extra game on Tuesday!

  4. Buz

    I’m not so sure you’re right on this one… they sure looked solid in the last game of the season. Pitching might be unscrewed since they stopped playing the Joba Rules. Just put him in the pen. Period. .. and Emma, yup an extra game .. how sweet it is.

    Buz –


    I refuse to believe that the Yankees will lose any of the upcoming three series. The have the best team in the Bigs this year and they will be 2009 World Series Champs!

  6. redstatebluestate

    kb24 — you sound like a real winner. if you’re gonna curse us out, grow a pair and tell us your name (and address if you want a black eye).
    –Jeff & Al

  7. sox_hater

    Seems to me the 04 Red Sox were able to “buy” some chemistry. Manny, Johnny Damon, Bellhorn, Pedro, Schilling, and Millar just to name a few. Its ok to be a “homer” and hate on the Yankees but lets keep it real.

  8. ryan_lee

    I hope the Tigers beat the Twins today so we can sweep the Tigers right out of the postseason and send them home with their tails between their legs. 🙂 But seriously, if we do end up facing each other I’d like to see CC vs Verlander…that will be a good match. Then again, last time I was expecting a pitcher’s duel (CC vs Beckett), I remember how that turned out…


  9. pakiyankee

    Granted the Yankees haven’t won in a few years and it’s easy to laugh at them and point to how much money they’ve spent. However, this year is different as they’ve been wiser with their payroll and their roster to put a good team on the field. If they get out of the first round, there’s no team that can stop them!

  10. redstatebluestate

    Hey Sox_Hater John. We weren’t talking to you, dude. Unless you also go by “kb24” and write childish obscenities that get bleeped out by MLBlogs. We respect our nation’s vets. If you read this site regularly, you’d definitely know that.
    Jeff & Al

  11. redstatebluestate

    Oh, and paki38, there’s absolutely NOTHING “wise” about Joba Rules fyi, but we appreciate and welcome the comment! Keep comin’ back.
    Jeff & Al

  12. heyhey82

    I respect your opinion, but I have to set you straight. First, “Remember the bug game with Joba Chamberlain in Cleveland a couple years ago?” — I’d call that anything but the Yankees finding a way to lose the game. They didn’t do anything to lose except try and deal with a horde of midges. You might call it a plague. I did. 🙂

    “You can buy all the pieces but you can’t buy the chemistry that brings it together.” I agree with you here, except that all of the pieces are falling into place for the Yankees. No one is arguing and all of the guys that were added have fit right into the team. Look how Swish has been heralded for his “breath of fresh air,” for instance.

    You might say something about our pitching, but putting Joba into the bullpen is the smartest move Girardi has made. A couple nights ago, he was lighting up the gun at 97 mph, with control! He’s a different animal coming through those gates. Given Gaudin’s performance, he’s our fifth man.

    You might mention A-Rod, but all of his numbers have been improving month-to-month. If you don’t believe me, check it out. He’s relaxed and he just brought in 7 RBIs in ONE INNING. The kid no longer has to be the Hercules on the team, because he’s surrounded by great talent and knows people see him as imperfect. There is nothing to prove anymore.

    Finally, I think we have a REAL shot this year, as opposed to past years when things weren’t running as smoothly. Thanks for writing!

  13. sox_hater

    Wow talk about getting of on the wrong foot. Ok to Jeff and Al nice blog. I was just trying to point out chemistry can in fact be bought ala the 04 and 07 Red Sox especially the 04 squad they had amazing chemistry and camaraderie.
    Erin as for spending a half billion dollars, money is just a cop out for small market teams when their team doesn’t win or they get owned by the Yankees like the Twins do. I’m not trying to come off as a arrogant Yankee fan just trying to make this point. Small market teams get rid of High price free agents such as Johan Santana and they get 3 to 4 Blue chip prospects in the case of Santana two of them or starting(D. Young -not a prospect and Gomez) they develop these players and maintain a low payroll. Some of these prospects/players becomes stars and they turn around and do it again. Its the cycle of life in MLB. It seems to work for most teams but it gives some fans a crutch. ps I attend Twins games every year and cheer for them when their not playing the Yankees. John

  14. redstatebluestate

    John (and everyone else): Your comments are always welcome, no matter how crazy, wild, true or fact. You’re all entitled to your opinion no matter how far off or dead on. Keep ’em comin’ y’all.
    –Jeff & Al

  15. Erin Kathleen

    Sorry, my comment was directed at kb24, not you. I should have been more specific, and for that I apologize. I had no problem with anything you or any of the other Yankee fans posted on this blog, since you made reasonable arguments without resorting to profanity and childish insults. I meant no disrespect to you or anyone else, only kb24.

  16. xxflowxx

    Yanks will win the pennant easily. Comeon now! Det/Min not a chance. All we need is Bos to take care of ANA ( our nemesis) for us. WS here we come. Jeets (AL mvp) Pasada, Pettite, Mariano will show the newcomers what it is to be a champion!


    So, the Yankees will lose again, like they always do? You should probably follow roller derby, or another sport with a shallow history…where people who write Blogs don’t have to know that the team they are calling “losers” are the winningest team in sports history. As far as this year is concerned, the Yanks have 3 Hall of Famers playing (Jeter, Mariano and A-Rod). Their bullpen is the best in baseball right now, they’ve got the best hitting 1 through 9 in baseball, and their top 3 starters, who can match up with any other 3 in baseball) are battle tested, rested and ready to go.

    Personal thanks goes out to Red Sox outfielder Jacoby Ellsbury, who giggled like a girl after stealing home earlier this year and took a curtain call, waking the sleeping Yankee giants.
    Funny, he didn’t seem to laughing the rest of the year as the Yankees took 9 out of 10 and the Division from the Sux.
    Bush league fans, bush league players. Crybaby Sox, Angels, Twins or Tigers, Prepare to meet your fate.

  18. kelv015

    It’s too early to tell. I still wouldn’t say that the Yanks will lose like they have in the past 8 years but I wouldn’t say that the Yanks will win the World Series neither. It depends on ”who” we get. I mean, will CC continue pitching like he has been this regular season or will he struggle in the playoffs like he has done before? Which side of AJ will we get? The perfect, unhittable AJ or the AJ that get’s batted around like it’s batting practice. Will we get ”regular season A-Rod” or ”postseason A-Rod”?? With the exception of Rivera and possibly Joba, the rest of the guys in our possible bullpen for the playoffs have pitched a maximum of 3 innings or they haven’t even pitched in playoffs. How will they perform? Too many questions, we may have been the best team in baseball in the regular season, but in the playoffs it’s a whole different situation, everything is started back from zero. You might dominate in the regular season and have the best record, but you can also get easily eliminated in the first round of the playoffs after that dominance….just ask last year’s Cubs….


    The yankees season hinges on nothing but the right arm of AJ Burnett, Sabathia should be fine he was not abused this season like last year witht he brewers, he has pressure to deliver because of his paycheck but he does not have to worry about shutting a team out. The Yankees will score runs, they have the best bullpen of the teams in the playoffs, they still have the best closer in the history of baseball. They have the best lineup of all the teams in baseball and this season they have showed a different unity from the years passed. The yankees this season compliment each other like they have not in a while. They have speed off the bench, they can steal some bases, they play much better defense (Aside from Swisher who hustles but is terrible in the field). They have a CY young canidate and several MVP canidates on the team. In addition AROD has been relatively quite of field.

  20. terinwa

    No chemistry on the 09 Yanks? The Yanks of previous years were definitely missing a few pieces and seemed lacking in heart and fire. CC, AJ, and Tex were fantastic additions. They also have added some heart and raw emotion with Swisher and a couple of rookies. Watch this team kick butt throughout the playoffs.

  21. ennieday09

    its pretty obvious if you hate the yanks, you think they will fail in the post-season without any knowledge of how good they have been in the regular season. I am a die-hard yankee fan and its pretty obvious why we have failed in the last couple of years in the post season. Example 1- 2006 against the tigers, because Joe Torre and the rest of the staff are idiots. Sheffield and Matsui were injured majority of the year and when they came back in September, of course they had no choice but to put them in the lineup. Oh wait, lets put Sheffield at first base where he hasn’t played all season and lets see if he can catch a ball. FAIL. Example 2- 2007 against the Indians. Let me start by saying all of you who say A-Rod chokes in the post season and is the reason the Yankees lose, are ignorant. Without A-Rod’s monster year in 07 the yanks wouldn’t have even made it. And one player cannot carry a team through the post season. Everyone says pitching wins championships so why all the hate on A-Rod? No one mentioned that Chien-Ming-Wang bombed in that series and of course the flies for Joba, so how was any of that A-Rod’s fault? Lastly, the Yankees have many things going into this years playoffs that they didn’t have the previous years. One of them being an ace in C.C Sabathia, a guy who will throw 130 pitches under any circumstance and can handle pressure. Secondly Mark Texiera holds protection for A-Rod in the lineup that he hasn’t had the previous years. Not to mention Jeter, Cano and Posada are having their best years. I could throw in other factors that make the Yanks favorites like the 15 walk-offs they’ve had this year which makes their home field advantage unbelievable or the fact Twins and Tigers are coming down to one more game so they will be too physically and mentally tired to come into Yankee Stadium and beat them. I don’t like to assume things like saying the Yankees WILL win the World Series or anything like that, because anything can happen, but give credit where credit is due

  22. redstatebluestate

    Wow, Al started a real viscious thread here… and I love all the contradictory statements from the diehard Yankee front. Excellent. Keep it up! Chatter, chatter! Let’s do this!

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